How to Avoid a ‘Big Mac’ Heart Attack

If you thought Walmart asking its low-wage workers to donate food so their fellow workers in need can eat at Thanksgiving was outrageous, wait until you see this video of helpful tips to relieve stress, feel fuller on less food and stay healthy for the low-wage workers at McDonald’s from the company’s McResource hotline.

(Yes, it’s the same help line that encourages McDonald’s employees to seek out government help to meet the ends that their paychecks won’t.)

Here’s the best one. “Breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full.” Of course, earning paychecks that would allow workers enough money to buy groceries to feed their families would help, too.

Want to avoid a heart attack? The McResource line suggests taking “two vacations a year to cut attack risk by 50%.” That might be tough if a worker has followed the line’s suggestion elsewhere to help boost income by taking a second job.

Chewing gum and going to church can help lower stress and blood pressure, McDonald’s workers are advised. Of course, once in church, they can offer up a prayer for a living wage that likely will be heard more favorably than asking McDonald’s for a raise.

If McDonald’s workers just shut up about their low wages and lack of respect—something the company would surely love—it would lower their stress levels because, says McResource, “stress hormone levels rise by 15% after ten minutes of complaining."

Take a look at the video from Fast Food Forward, the New York group made up of workers helping to organize the fast-food strike/living wage movement that has picked up steam across the country during the past year. While watching it you‘ll either laugh, cry, cuss or maybe all three.