What Do You Want to Hear in the State of the Union? Here's What You Said

We asked you what you wanted to hear in the State of the Union address from President Barack Obama and here are some highlights of what you said.

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Update: Thanks to everyone who texted in their ideas. Some of them were featured on MSNBC:

  • Tell the president not to Fast Track the TPP.
  • Raise minimum wage. Pass immigration reform.
  • Jobs. Inequality. Increasing Social Security.
  • Talk about the economy and the disparity between the rich and poor.
  • The solution to income inequality is stronger rights of workers to unionize & collectively bargain.
  • More funding for public schools.
  • That this country and middle class was built by the unions. He is going to work with the unions and corporations to help build a stronger America together!!!
  • Pension protection.
  • Living wage jobs!
  • Student loan relief for teachers. I have over $153,000.00 in student loans and cannot ever hope to pay them off and afford to keep my house, as I am already 50 years old.
  • Sign an executive order to higher the federal minimum wage to $10.10.
  • Voting rights and minimum wage and women & reproductive rights.
  • Restore UI benefits, end financial aid for millionaires tax policies, invest in U.S. infrastructure, end teach to the test education practices.
  • Our tax and economic policies should favor domestic job creation and support working families.
  • That fast tracking trade agreements violates democracy and is not good for America.
  • Unemployment, jobs, roads and bridges and keep up the good fight for health care for all.
  • This nation must extend unemployment compensation benefits.
  • Education: save education and the rights of all workers!
  • That he has not forgot about the elderly and where they can get housing.
  • I want to announce the second coming of the WPA.
  • I want him to address making it easier to unionize your place of employment!
  • Make the co-pays affordable for the working class
  • Taking away collective bargaining rights has lead to record wealth stratification and the lack of class mobility. We need national collective bargaining rights.
  • The time is now for comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Education, not deportation.
  • That our people are more important than corporate profits.
  • ENDA passed.
  • Raise min wage, work for fair trade not free, restore upward mobility.
  • "I will stop deportations."
  • Student loans, a solid plan to balance the gentrification of city neighborhoods by promoting more community organizations that reflect the community.
  • I wish he would talk about abolishing right to work and establishing a living wage.
  • I would like President Obama to address income inequality and how we can change the systems that allow the 1% to make it happen.
  • Veterans need jobs. The Postal Service is the largest employer of our nation's veterans. Congress needs to fix the prefunding mandate to make the Postal Service more solvent and allow them to hire more veterans.
  • He supports Walmart workers, fast-food and low-wage organizing. That he rejects TPP fast track as a race to the bottom.
  • I want him to cover unemployment extension and why it cannot get passed. In addition, how it's hurting Americans who are trying to find a job.
  • I want the president to include a living wage for federal contractors, improved worker protections and to stop deportations!
  • Support the back bone of America, support unions.
  • I would like to hear that he will do everything in his power to assure that workers in America have what they need to be successful in their lives - that would include education, jobs, affordable health care and that every income earner would pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Take federal employees out of the cross hairs. Many are retiring and leaving for other jobs.
  • I want president Obama to say that every child deserves an excellent education, and by investing in public schools we are investing in a more promising future.
  • How to help the environment.
  • No more hurtful trade agreements.
  • Public works jobs bill that would put the millions of unemployed [to work] rebuilding cities and rural areas.
  • That we are bringing back the middle class.. that workers do not need to fear losing their jobs for organizing a union.
  • I will no longer support any trade agreement that is negotiated in secret and does not include labor and environmental representatives
  • More support for our true heroes; public school teachers! states that continue to cut funding to public schools should be held accountable.
  • To invest in renewable energy sources. That we need to make voting accessible to everybody. That funds will be set aside to increase fire fighting wages.
  • Increase the minimum wage, equal pay for women, invest in infrastructure to create more jobs here in the U.S.
  • President Obama should say: "The only way to get our economy back on track, growing and creating jobs, is by putting more money in consumers' pockets. That means either paying workers a living wage again, as we did for forty years after World War II, or expanding government wage subsidies. We need our corporate sector to step up and pay a living wage for real work. Then, when Americans spend that bigger paycheck in America, we will ALL rise together. "
  • Cut interest on federal student loans.
  • I would like to see increased funding for programs like food stamps and section 8. The guidelines for these programs also need to be modernized.
  • That great opportunities are coming for laborers in America.

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