Richard Trumka Has a Question for You this Labor Day

Labor Day is coming soon and this year, like we do on every Labor Day, we will pause to recognize the incredible achievements of America’s workers. We will gather in communities to march in parades, host barbecues and celebrate all who make this country run. But we also should recognize that despite our sweat, our sacrifice and our innovation, too many families are struggling and unable to get by.

No one should work for a living yet struggle to support a family. But some of the fastest job growth is occurring in such low-wage industries as fast food and retail, which is why more families feel like they are struggling to keep up with living costs. These same industries are least likely to pay a living wage or provide basic benefits like earned sick days and holidays. This means many of America’s workers can’t afford to take the day off if they get sick. And they certainly can’t afford to take a day off to care for a family member in need.

We're seeing working people in states and municipalities all over the United States joining together to pass an increase in the minimum wage above the federal $7.25 an hour.

How would you or someone you know be affected if we raised the federal minimum wage? Share your story by texting LABOR to 235246, and it could appear on the AFL-CIO Now blog.