Meet the Koch Sisters: Kochs Who Care About Working People

They certainly don’t have billions like some brothers with the last name Koch we’re all familiar with—but there are some pretty awesome women out there named Koch, too.

Meet Joyce and Karen Koch—two ordinary, everyday Americans who share the same last name. They are not related to David and Charles Koch…or to each other. But they are sisters where it counts—in spirit, in union solidarity and in their shared values.

Karen is a teacher and mother of two. As a college business professor at Mott Community College in Michigan, she has spent her career preparing students for internships and their first jobs. She is also a member of the Michigan Education Association and comes from a UAW family. Joyce is a mother of two, grandmother and wife of a retired teacher and member of AFT. She spent most of her career as a social worker, as well as an administrator for an anti-poverty organization in New York.

Although Karen and Joyce share the same last name as the notorious Koch Brothers, they do not share the same values. Neither Koch Sister knows what it’s like to be a right-wing billionaire who buys elections, but they know what it's like to have to fight for a fair wage. They care about people before profits. The Koch Sisters believe that their voice, and the voices of countless working people, is as important as the special corporate interests that use vast wealth to influence politics and policy. As Koch Sisters, they embody the values of millions of America’s workers, which are quite different than those of the Koch Brothers.

The Koch Sisters highlight the values of our family: The shared belief that the working class is the backbone of our country and that corporate special interests and billionaires shouldn’t be able to pollute our democracy for their personal gain at the expense of others.

Learn more about the Koch Sisters. Are you a Koch Sister, too?