Why Russ Feingold Is Better Than Ron Johnson on Working People’s Issues

For working people, it’s clear who would be the better U.S. senator from Wisconsin. On the important issues, Russ Feingold will fight for us, while Sen. Ron Johnson’s track record in Washington shows he works against us time and again.

Just take a look:

Russ Feingold
Ron Johnson
Opposes Bad Trade Deals. Feingold opposes TPP and opposed other unfair trade deals like NAFTA, which cost Wisconsin as many as 70,000 jobs. Supports Shipping Jobs Overseas. Johnson has supported TPP, a bad trade deal that will ship more jobs overseas and leave working families behind.
Supports Raising Wages and Equal Pay. Feingold supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour so that all working people are paid a fair wage, and he has fought against pay discrimination in the workplace. Is Against Raising Wages and Equal Pay. Johnson has been opposed to giving Wisconsin working families a fair wage by raising the minimum wage, and he has fought against equal pay for equal work legislation that would ensure women are paid fairly.
Protects Rights of Working People. Feingold has fought to restore workers’ freedom to form unions and speak with one voice for better wages, benefits and working conditions. Threatens Rights of Working People. Johnson favors "right to work," the CEO-written law that guts unions, drives down wages and takes power from working people.
Will Protect Social Security. Feingold believes protecting Social Security is a top priority and will continue to fight any scheme to privatize it or risk working peoples’ hard-earned benefits. Wants to Privatize Social Security. Johnson has favored establishing “private accounts” for Social Security, which would risk the program’s funds on Wall Street.