Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Cooper Will Stand with North Carolina's Working Families

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has "signed enough bad legislation to fill a library, and his administration has enacted one misguided policy after another," according to The Charlotte Observer, and working people agree.

Working people in unions have endorsed Roy Cooper, the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina. Cooper has the “experience, the intelligence and the policy stances needed to return the state to its stature as a progressive leader in the South.” Cooper will cut taxes for the middle class, reinstate a child care tax credit, help small businesses expand and raise wages for working people.

Who can you trust to fight for North Carolina’s Working Families? The choice is clear:

Roy Cooper: Putting Working Families First Pat McCrory: Putting Corporations and CEOs First
Creating Good Jobs. Cooper will fight to create good jobs and build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. Recklessly Costing Us Jobs. McCrory’s reckless policies have cost North Carolina millions in lost revenues and thousands of good-paying jobs in health care, education, technology and construction.
Expanding Health Care. Cooper will bring high-quality, affordable health care to all families by protecting and expanding Medicaid. Blocking Health Care Expansion. McCrory has signed a law blocking expansion of Medicaid and denying coverage for up to 500,000 uninsured citizens, which cost the state more than $2.5 billion a year and 43,000 new jobs.
Standing Against Discrimination. Cooper will push to repeal HB2, the law that promotes discrimination, hurts working families and has tarnished the state’s reputation as a welcoming state. Legalizing Discrimination. McCrory has wasted taxpayer money to defend HB2, which legalizes discrimination, weakens benefits, results in lower wages and has driven away companies offering good jobs.