Katie McGinty Is the Best Choice for Pennsylvania's Working Families

Pat Toomey’s biggest problem is his voting record in the Senate. On issue after issue, he has carried water for Wall Street and voted against working people. But Katie McGinty is committed to protecting jobs, wages and a good retirement for Pennsylvanians.

That's why working people in unions have endorsed McGinty as the U.S. Senate candidate for Pennsylvania.

The choice is clear:

Katie McGinty Pat Toomey
Fights Bad Trade Deals. McGinty wants to change the rules to put Americans back to work and will fight unfair trade deals like the TPP. Ships Jobs Overseas. Toomey supported “Fast Track” authority for the TPP and has favored trade deals that ship good-paying Pennsylvania jobs overseas.
Supports Fair Wages and Equal Pay. McGinty will work to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and ensure women are paid the same as men. Opposes Fair Wages and Equal Pay. Toomey voted against raising the minimum wage and opposed equal pay for equal work legislation that would help ensure women are paid as much as men for the same work.
Protects Working People. McGinty opposes “right to work” laws that hold down wages and weaken the voice of working people in the workplace. Attacks Workers’ Rights. Toomey supported legislation to create a national “right to work” law, standing in the way of your right to negotiate for safer working conditions and better wages.
Safeguards Social Security and Medicare. McGinty opposes replacing the Medicare guarantee with a voucher program, and she opposes the privatization of Social Security. Wants to Replace Social Security and Medicare. Toomey supported efforts to privatize Social Security, and he introduced legislation to turn Medicare into a voucher program.