Carrier Case Shows Why Rep. Young Is Bad for Indiana

A new video from AFSCME People takes a look at the damage done to real working people when the Carrier Corp. shipped jobs from Indiana to Mexico. And shows the role that Rep. Todd Young (R-Ind.) played in the process. Young, who took nearly $17,500 from Carrier executives in campaign contributions, sided against workers and with those same executives, voting for tax breaks for companies like Carrier that send jobs to other countries. Watch the video to see how Young's support affected Frank Staples of Indianapolis.

Evan Bayh, Young's opponent in the Senate race, has a starkly different agenda. An agenda that takes the side of working families on a host of issues, including passing equal pay, raising the minimum wage, fighting against TPP and expanding Pell Grants. As governor, Bayh granted state employees the right to negotiate and helped workers access vacation time, gain job training and obtain some of the highest wage increases in the country. His policies contributed to the creation of more than 350,000 jobs while he was in office.

Seems like Indiana's working families have a pretty clear choice.