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Working People in Unions Stand with Our Immigrant Sisters and Brothers in Uncertain Times

On the heels of a rancorous election cycle, working people in unions around the country are assuring members who feel threatened and unsafe that the labor movement will stand with them in these uncertain times. The following statement of solidarity was issued by Rusty Hicks, executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed next steps on immigration:

“Candidate Trump verbally assaulted immigrants with both insults and threats. Now, President-Elect Trump is transitioning from verbal assaults to a dark un-American mass deportation scheme.

“We will stand with immigrants and their families. We will stand against policies of hate and fear.

“On Veterans Day, we launched our campaign to grant citizenship to any immigrant who is honorably discharged from our Armed Forces. Our new Commander-in-Chief—who claims to support our veterans—should join us in winning congressional approval.

“Upon the swearing-in of newly-elected members to the state legislature and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in early-December, we will actively press for a large-scale immigration legal defense effort to ensure every immigrant is equipped to defend themselves.

“After the inauguration in January, the Trump administration will likely cut off federal funds for public safety to cities that stand with immigrants. We will mobilize all Californians to help those cities resist and preserve basic services our communities need.

“The threats we face are now real, but so too is our resolve.”

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