Make a Plan to Vote

You’ve done the research. You’ve watched the debates. You’ve looked at the state and local races. You know who you’re voting for. You’ve figured out which way you want to vote on ballot initiatives. For voters like you and me, voting is going to be a breeze.

No one needs to convince you to vote, but making a plan makes things easier—thinking through the little details so nothing gets between you and the polls next Tuesday will ensure you cast your ballot.

Here are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself before Election Day:

Are you voting by mail? Are you voting early? Are you voting in person on Election Day?
When will you fill out your ballot? Do you know where your early voting location is? What time of day do you think you'll vote? Where will you be coming from at that time?
When will you send in your ballot? When is the deadline to postmark your ballot so that it will be counted? Do you know what days and times your early voting location is open? When is the last day to vote early in your state (many states close early voting the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Election Day)? How will you get there? Is it close enough to walk, or will you have to make a special trip and drive?
Do you have sufficient postage to mail in your ballot? Do you know where your polling place is?
If you have a vote-by-mail ballot, can you submit it in person? Are you riding with someone or giving someone else a ride to the polls?
If you are submitting a vote-by-mail ballot, do you know where to submit it? Is there a deadline for submitting your ballot?

Click here to make a plan to vote. It's easy and fast.