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8 More Important Quotes from Working People Speaking Out Against the TPP

More than 11,000 working people sent comments to the U.S. International Trade Commission about the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Here are some highlights:

Alfredo G.: "TPP warrants an extremely careful evaluation, in particular, its implications on American working families. Don't minimize the results of the evaluation. Tell us the real truth of what may happen to U.S. working families if TPP is approved and implemented."

Amber J.: "These trade deals are driving down pay, and our future depends on people having living wage jobs so they can support the economy AND THEMSELVES!"

Dr. James M.: "This pact has little to offer the average American, in fact, it will bring long-term costs that will hurt us all. It is written by big corporations in secret, for their benefit—and this secrecy should be enough to make it toxic."

Pablo B.: "I'm a union member and the TPP does NOTHING to help my fellow union brothers and sisters around this country. It is an agreement that focuses solely on the outsourcing of American jobs to countries with cheaper labor. I am NOT in favor of the TPP as a hardworking American citizen."

Rhea O.: "TPP will NOT benefit the American worker. The U.S. International Trade Commission must evaluate the economic impact on working families."

Richard B.: "If the politicos had to create this pact in secret, it CANNOT be good for the working person in America. Please evaluate it CAREFULLY AND FULLY before you approve it."

Susan H.: "One of the very worst aspects of the utterly toxic TPP is that it allows corporations to sue governments (in special, rigged corporate "courts") to avoid complying with laws they don't like. That not only puts corporate profits above the law, but explicitly gives corporations more rights than human beings. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE."

Victor S.: "It's time that our government take into consideration the working people of this country instead of the corporations’ interests."

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