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Join the Conversation Tuesday: Trading Up from the TPP

On Tuesday, the AFL-CIO will host a conference examining all aspects of U.S. trade policy. It’s called “Trading Up: A Critical Perspective on Jobs, Governance and Security in U.S. Trade Policy,” and it features leading thinkers on trade policy from across the political spectrum.

U.S.-headquartered global businesses strongly support advancing corporate trade policies through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other pending trade agreements. But U.S. labor, environmental, consumer, good governance, family farm and other civil society groups are united against the TPP and calling for a reset of both trade process and trade policy. The conference will provide a deep dive into the very real questions about how the TPP and other trade deals could impact our jobs and wages; our public interest laws; the national security of the 12 TPP countries; and our very democracy.

This is a unique moment for the TPP. The leading presidential candidates from across the spectrum have stated opposition to the TPP, but supporters continue to work to move the deal during the lame duck session of Congress. Working people are united in opposition to such a bait and switch, and we’re fighting hard to prevent Congress from attempting to sneak the dangerous TPP in at the last second.

This conference will give you the information you need to keep fighting the TPP now, in the Lame Duck session, and into the future. Watch the livestream here and tweet about it using #BetterTrade or by commenting below.

Can’t watch? Follow my Twitter feed to catch highlights (@cdrakefairtrade) and join the fight by texting TPP to 235246.

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