AFL-CIO Executive Council Passes Resolutions on Mexican Miners, Winning 2016 and Building a New American Majority

In addition to passing resolutions on the economic agenda for working women and prescription drug prices, the AFL-CIO Executive Committee passed numerous resolutions today. Click on the link for each resolution to read more:

Building the New American Majority: "It is critical that the labor movement work to build solidarity among union members and working people. In all of these states, we want to mobilize our best activists—many of whom are people of color—to turn out as many volunteers as possible to talk to union households.

"But a vigorous Labor 2016 operation will not be enough in this environment. As the Executive Council has emphasized repeatedly, in this moment it is critical that labor fiercely 'fight the injustices done to people of color and simultaneously emphasize the common interests that all workers share.' We have to call out bigotry and systemic racism whenever and wherever we see it, and support the struggles of all working people.

"We also need to mobilize of-color talent and leadership within the labor movement to work with communities of color during this electoral cycle. Our constituency groups can ensure we use election work to build political power for the labor movement and strengthen infrastructure with local community groups.

"If labor expands its own political and electoral programs in our targeted states and strongly connects to communities of color, women and young people, we can build an unstoppable voting bloc."

Mobilizing Our Members to Elect Hillary Clinton and Defeat Donald Trump: "Despite his rhetoric, Donald Trump does not share the values of working families. In fact, Trump is one of the most anti-worker presidential candidates in American history.

"Because he can’t win the election without appealing to—and winning over—working people, we know the responsibility of winning the presidential election rests with us.

"That is why we urge union leaders, staff and members around the nation to do all they can between now and Nov. 8 to ensure working people are mobilized to elect candidates who will raise wages and advocate for the issues that help working families build better lives."

Supporting Striking Cananea Miners, Sonora River Residents and the United Steelworkers: "The AFL-CIO supports Los Mineros in the long strike against Grupo México at the Cananea mine, the families living along the Sonora River and the United Steelworkers in the effort to achieve a fair contract for its members. The AFL-CIO calls on Grupo México to agree to a fair contract with Los Mineros, returning the members of Section 65 to their jobs; provide adequate care and compensation to the families and communities affected by the toxic spill at the Cananea mine; completely clean up the Sonora River; and agree to a fair contract with the United Steelworkers at its ASARCO operations in the United States."

Read the other resolutions passed today.

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