Kentucky State AFL-CIO Responds to Republican Assault on Working People

After Republican legislators in Kentucky passed several anti-worker laws, Kentucky State AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan made the following statement:

The Republican-controlled House and Senate passed some of the most extreme anti-workers bills in the nation today, slashing wages and silencing working people across the state.

The labor movement is needed in Kentucky now, more than ever. The Kentucky State AFL-CIO’s purpose is to improve the lives of working families and bring fairness and dignity to the workplace. No laws written by corporate CEOs, [the American Legislative Exchange Council], the billionaire Koch brothers, and extreme right-wing politicians will change our mission or weaken our resolve!

The Kentucky labor movement is an expression of the hopes and aspirations of working families in Kentucky.

Where do we go from here? Working families in Kentucky will come together to demand prosperity and fairness for our state. We will demand a Kentucky that works for all Kentuckians, not just wealthy CEOs and out-of-state corporations. We will not let these politicians and out-of-state corporations turn back the clock on Kentucky's hardworking men and women. We will work to make sure this message is heard in the living rooms and workplaces from Paducah to Pikeville and everywhere in between. We will continue to inform our members that elections have consequences and union members and their families will hold our elected representatives accountable for these egregious, harmful actions taken today.

Londrigan and other working family advocates in Kentucky have vowed to continue to fight the anti-working people agenda of Gov. Matt Bevin (R) and his allies in the legislature.