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March on Mississippi: Nissan Should Walk the Walk on Civil Rights for Employees

This Saturday is the March on Mississippi, with working people and community leaders rallying to demand that Nissan end mistreatment of its primarily African American workforce at the plant in Canton, Mississippi. In The Clarion-Ledger, Nissan employee Robin Moore makes the case for the march:

Our message is simple: It’s time for Nissan to walk the walk when it comes to the civil rights of its employees....

The right to form a union and stand up together on the job is a basic right in America. It's how workers represent their interests and make sure that their workplace rights are respected. For black workers who have traditionally been exploited and abused in this country, it’s a fundamental civil right that lets them deal with employers on more equal footing.

It is unacceptable for Nissan to violate the civil rights of its workers in Mississippi. It’s time for Nissan to realize that the company can’t have it both ways. It can’t brag about having the top-selling car among black consumers while violating the rights of the majority black workforce that makes that car. It’s time for Nissan dealers and customers to recognize that what they’re selling and buying just doesn’t fit the image of what Nissan claims it’s producing.

Read the full article. You also can watch the live stream of the event Saturday and read more about the March on Mississippi and Nissan.

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