Free At Last! Labor Podcast and Radio Roundup

In addition to the AFL-CIO's own "State of the Unions," there are a lot of other podcasts out there that have their own approach to discussing labor issues and the rights of working people. Here are the latest podcasts from across the labor movement in the United States.

Follow the links below to find podcasts. They also can be found wherever you listen to podcasts:

America's Work Force: "This week's guests include Cheri Honkala, founder of the Poor People’s Economic Rights Campaign, Frank Mathews, administrative director for Communications Workers of America District 4 in Chicago, and Jim Cullen, editor of the Progressive Populist."

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report: "We welcome home Janet and Janine Africa, after 41 years, and won’t rest until all our political prisoners are free at last! With:

  • Sheroes Janet and Janine finally returned to the beloved community after 41 years of incarceration for a death that actually resulted from a police campaign of terror used against black community organizations;
  • Carlos Africa, Move organizer;
  • Pam Africa, Move organizer; and
  • Commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal, a political prisoner who remains imprisoned for life without parole and continues his work as a journalist from his jail cell in Pennsylvania. Prior to his wrongful conviction in 1981, Abu-Jamal was a political activist and president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists."

CTU Speaks! Podcast: "The Chicago Teachers Union launched CTU Speaks! earlier this week. The monthly podcast by rank-and-file educators in Chicago Public Schools seeks to empower and unify members through discussions about the union, Chicago’s public schools and communities, and local and national public education issues. CTU Speaks! is the brainchild of the union’s member-led Public Relations and Communications Committee, hosted by committee members Andrea Parker and Jim Staros."

Heartland Labor Forum"Missouri’s motto is 'Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law,' but the legislature still hasn’t passed Medicaid expansion. This week on the Heartland Labor Forum we’ll talk to Jobs with Justice’s Richard Von Glahn on a new coalition to use the initiative process to win health care coverage for thousands of Missourians. Then we’ll find out from Art Johnson, former president of the Social Security local in Kansas City, just how bad Donald Trump’s union-busting of federal unions is."

UComm Live with Kris LaGrange: "The governor of Massachusetts vetoes a popular bill that would protect employees' right to have a voice at work; ICE conducts their biggest workplace raid ever; Democratic candidate Jay Inslee talks green, union jobs; Rich Trumka warns the Democratic Party not to take its base for granted; what to do when a boss bargains in the press; and the Mets are only one game out of the wild card. PLUS: On Thursday, August 15th on UCOMM Live, we call out Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports for threatening his staff if they attempt to organize; Dave is scared of us, and he should be. Sarker goes into an interesting piece on where are all the union Muslims? Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders is not wearing his PPEs; his shop stewards are pissed. Chris Cuomo, Andy's little brother, caught on tape standing up for himself, and Beto O'Rourke comes out with a sensible gun control solution."

Union City Radio: Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay; the toxic impact of private equity; AFSCME Local 3001 OmniRide drivers settle a new contract.

Union Strong - Call for Transparency on Campus Foundations: "SUNY’s 30 campus-related foundations have a lot of money⁠—millions. Where does it come from, where is it going and how is it being used? These are all questions raised by UUP, the nation’s largest higher education union. On this podcast, a conversation with UUP President Dr. Fred Kowal about campus foundations and much more."

Workers Beat: "Will have a lineup of local union and other progressive leaders to endorse labor outreach."

Your Rights at Work: "Hosted by Chris Garlock, with Mark Gruenberg; DC’s call-in show about worker rights: those you have, those you don’t, how to get them and how to use them. On this week’s show: Ghost Workers author Mary Gray and a sneak preview of Gene Bruskin’s new labor musical, 'The Moment Was Now.'"

State of the Unions: "Tim talks to NABTU Chief of Staff Mike Monroe about a Department of Labor proposal that would undermine world-class apprenticeships in the construction industry."