2009 Deliberated Resolutions

Resolution 1: Seizing the Moment for Growth, Strength and Solidarity: Organizing for Our Future [amended, grouped with 27—Resolution 1 subsumes 50]

Resolution 2: A Historic Opportunity for the Labor Movement: Our Political Moment

Resolution 3: Good Jobs, Tough Times: A National Strategy for Economic Recovery and Sustained Growth [subsumes Resolution 41]

Resolution 4: Health Care Reform Now [amended]

Resolution 5: Achieving Retirement Security for Working Families

Resolution 6: Safe Jobs for All

Resolution 7: A Diverse and Democratic Labor Movement [amended; grouped with Resolution 18; subsumes 17 ]

Resolution 8: Advancing the Labor Movement’s Program at the Grassroots Level Through Strong and Effective State and Local Organizations

Resolution 9: A Labor Movement Agenda for a Stronger, Cleaner and More Just Global Economy [amended]

Resolution 10: Creating and Retaining Sustainable Good Green Jobs

Resolution 11: The Labor Movement’s Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Resolution 12: A Strong Public Sector

Resolution 13: Union Veterans Council

Resolution 14: Women, Work and Families [amended]

Resolution 15: The American Labor Studies Center

Resolution 16: End the Silence on Labor Rights in Iraq

Resolution 18: Unions Should Give People with Disabilities a Voice and a Face [amended]

Resolution 20: Call for a National JOBS Now! Initiative—An Agenda to Put Americans Back to Work [amended]

Resolution 21: Labor Unity [[amended; subsumes 66]]

Resolution 24: Seafarers' Identity Document