2009 Deliberated Resolutions

Resolution 1: Seizing the Moment for Growth, Strength and Solidarity: Organizing for Our Future [amended, grouped with 27—Resolution 1 subsumes 50]
Resolution 2: A Historic Opportunity for the Labor Movement: Our Political Moment
Resolution 3: Good Jobs, Tough Times: A National Strategy for Economic Recovery and Sustained Growth [subsumes Resolution 41]
Resolution 4: Health Care Reform Now [amended]
Resolution 5: Achieving Retirement Security for Working Families
Resolution 6: Safe Jobs for All
Resolution 7: A Diverse and Democratic Labor Movement [amended; grouped with Resolution 18; subsumes 17]
Resolution 8: Advancing the Labor Movement’s Program at the Grassroots Level Through Strong and Effective State and Local Organizations
Resolution 9: A Labor Movement Agenda for a Stronger, Cleaner and More Just Global Economy [amended]
Resolution 10: Creating and Retaining Sustainable Good Green Jobs
Resolution 11: The Labor Movement’s Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Resolution 12: A Strong Public Sector
Resolution 13: Union Veterans Council
Resolution 14: Women, Work and Families [amended]
Resolution 15: The American Labor Studies Center
Resolution 16: End the Silence on Labor Rights in Iraq
Resolution 18: Unions Should Give People with Disabilities a Voice and a Face [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 20: Call for a National JOBS Now! Initiative—An Agenda to Put Americans Back to Work [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 21: Labor Unity [amended; subsumes 66]​​​​​​​
Resolution 24: Seafarers' Identity Document​​​​​​​
Resolution 25: Maritime Labor Convention​​​​​​​
Resolution 26: Recognition of Theodore Bikel’s Years of Labor Service​​​​​​​
Resolution 27: In the Interests of the Public, Professionals Belong in Unions​​​​​​​
Resolution 34: The Social Insurance Model for Health Care Reform [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 36: Recognition of CLC President Fred Veigel​​​​​​​
Resolution 37: Resolution to Prevent Discrimination Against Doctors of Podiatric Medicine​​​​​​​
Resolution 38: Fairness for Specialty Medical Providers [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 39: Resolution on Helicopter Safety​​​​​​​
Resolution 40: Resolution on Military Coup in Honduras [amended; subsumes 44, 45, 65]​​​​​​​
Resolution 43: Resolution on Permitting Remittances and Lifting Travel Restrictions to Cuba​​​​​​​
Resolution 46: Opposing Nationwide Do Not Mail Registry​​​​​​​
Resolution 48: Public Education: A Civil Right, A Shared Responsibility​​​​​​​
Resolution 52: Bring All the Troops and Contractors Home! [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 53: Statement in Support of Labor Communications and the International Labor Communications Association​​​​​​​
Resolution 54: National K-12 Labor Education Plan and Conference​​​​​​​
Resolution 55: In Support of AFL-CIO Programs for Young Workers [amended]​​​​​​​
Resolution 56: Opposing FTA with Colombia in Solidarity with Afro-Colombians​​​​​​​
Resolution 58: Federal Judicial Appointments: A Call for the Restoration of Balance on the Federal Bench​​​​​​​
Resolution 59: AFL-CIO Convention Resolution Honoring President John J. Sweeney​​​​​​​
Resolution 60: In Honor of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy [subsumes 57]​​​​​​​
Resolution 61: Recognition of the Life and Legacy of A. Philip Randolph, America's Great Labor and Civil Rights Leader​​​​​​​
Resolution 62: Recognition of Service​​​​​​​
Resolution 64: Justice for Santiago Rafael Cruz​​​​​​​
Resolution 68: Resolution in Support of FLOC and Justice for Tobacco Harvesters​​​​​​​
Resolution 69: Condemning the Disrespectful Behavior of Rep. Joe Wilson​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Resolution 70: Carpenters' Organizing Committee [subsumes 42 and 47]