Next Up Young Worker Program

The AFL-CIO Next Up Young Worker Program is a place for young people and their unions, progressive allies, students and community groups to join together and work toward social and economic justice.

Young worker groups all over the country focus on everything from organizing to policy to politics to change the rules and fight for a better future for all working people.

Next Up Mission

Our mission is to empower the next generation of labor leaders to challenge, inspire, build and organize around issues that directly affect young working people like student loans and good-paying jobs.

The AFL-CIO’s Young Worker Advisory Council advises and helps implement the AFL-CIO’s Next Up Young Worker Program. Council members are voices for economic and social justice in their communities and their unions, and they are charged with engaging young working people in the labor movement.

They mentor, train and develop young worker group leaders and represent the AFL-CIO Next Up program across the country.

Why You Should Join a Young Worker Group Today

If you are a leader in your local union or want to learn more about being one, or if you have an organizer and activist spirit and want to be at the center of movements for change, Next Up Young Worker groups are a place to meet like-minded friends. 

Check out the existing young worker groups in the states in the section below.

If you want to start your own Young Worker group, fill out the form below to start the process. Someone will be in touch with you to walk you through the process.




Young worker at the Next Up Conference with a temporary tattoo on her face.
Sarah Hoskins Photographt
Young worker at the 2015 Next Up Conference in Chicago.

On behalf of the hundreds of workers who are part of the growing committee challenging Nissan’s attack on civil rights, I want to say THANK YOU! The support of young workers and students across the United States is what sustains us in our struggle for civil and labor rights at Nissan in Mississippi.”


Nissan technician Morris Mock

Young Worker Groups


Young Workers of Alabama
Contact: Suzanne McBride


Alaska YELL
Contact: Kim Hays


Arkansas Young Workers
Contact: Jessica Akers


Young Workers of California (Statewide)
Contact: Lloyd Cargo

Next Generation Sacramento
Contact: Horacio Viveros

Orange County Young Workers
Contact: Otniel Pavia


Colorado Young Workers
Contact: Rhiannon Duryea


Connecticut Federation of Young Workers
Contact: David Dal Zin

District of Columbia

D.C. Young Trade Unionists
Contact: Jorae Williams


Florida Young Workers (Statewide)
Contact: David Fernandez

North Florida Young Workers
Contact: Mike Stovall

Northwest Florida Young Workers
Contact: Danielle Thomas 

Orlando Young Workers
Contact: Cristal Cruz

Palm Beach—Treasure Coast Young Workers
Contact: Richard Ross

South Florida Young Workers
Contact: Carlos Ramos

Southwest Florida Young Workers
Contact: Dakota Hoyle 

Tampa Young Workers
Contact: Aaron Carmella


Atlanta Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT)
Contacts: Ayana Dunlap or Sergio Anderson


Idaho Next Up
Contact: Nathan Millward


Chicago Young Workers
Contact: Anthony Scorzo

Quad Cities Next Up
Contact: Brett Utz


North Central Indiana Young Workers
Contact: Billy McMahon

Northwest Indiana Young Workers
Contact: Jason Pedroza


Des Moines Labor Next Up
Contact: Jason Stegman

Iowa AFL-CIO Young Worker Committee
Contact: Brandon Greve

Next Up Hawkeye Area Workers Konnect (NUHAWK)
Contact: Jeff Cooling


Greater Boston Labor Council Futures Committee
Contact: Lindsay McCluskey


Detroit Young Workers
Contact: Brittany Smith

Greater Flint Young Workers
Contact: Brent Hershberger


Minnesota Young Workers (Statewide)
Contact: Jessica Hayssen

East Metro Emerging Labor Leaders (St. Paul)
Contact: Laura Wilson

Southeast Minnesota Young Workers
Contact: Rick Pospichal

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Young Workers
Contact: Judy Stadtman

New Jersey

Bergen County YES (Youth Engagement in Solidarity)
Contact: Raul Garcia

Hudson County CLC Young Workers
Contact: Victoria Fisher

Mercer County YES (Youth Engagement in Solidarity)
Contact: Michele Liebtag

New Jersey State AFL-CIO Young Workers Advisory Committee 
Contact: Adam Neuman

Passaic County YES (Youth Engagement in Solidarity)
Contact: Alicia Bruce

New York

Central New York Young Workers
Contact: Wendy Colucci

Long Island Young Workers
Contact: Josh Margolis

New York City Young Workers
Contact: Wendell Yee

Westchester Young Workers
Contact: Jenn Puja

Western New York Next Up
Contact: Angela Blue

North Dakota

North Dakota Young Workers
Contact: Andrew Bushaw


Ohio Young Workers (Statewide)
Contact: Amanda Sabol


Oregon YELL
Contact: Courtney Niebel


Young Organized Philadelphia (YO Philly)
Contact: Ed Morgan


Texas YALL (Statewide)
Contact: Angie DeFelippo

Austin YALL
Contacts: Mayra Huerta, Karen Reyes, Sarah Swallow

Dallas YALL
Contact: Travis Cantwell, Mike Holtz

Fort Worth YALL
Contact: Wyatt Gray, Scott Hunsaker

Houston YALL
Contact: Jeremy Pavlich

San Antonio YALL
Contact: Shannon Faulk


Contact: Julie Hunter


Washington YELL (Seattle)
Contact: Shaunie Wheeler

Washington YELL (Spokane)
Contact: Amy Poston

Washington YELL (Wenatchee)
Contact: Matthew Hepner

West Virginia

Contact: Neil Heard


Wisconsin Young Workers 
Contact: Eric Proces

Don’t see your Young Worker group listed? Contact us at [email protected].

Next Up Conference attendees join a Fight for $15 action.
Sarah Hoskins Photography

I wanted you all to know how much this experience and each one of you in your own way changed my life. Back in August, I walked into a room feeling all alone and I was so overwhelmed. You guys literally, in less than a year, absolutely made me into the confident and comfortable leader I am today.”

Rob Torkelson, Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers

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The Policies We Care About

Every day, thousands of eager, motivated and energetic young union activists fight to form unions, organize first-rate contracts and pass legislation to provide opportunity, equality and justice for young working people.

Working for Our Future is written by young working people for young working people and builds on that work by outlining the road map to a future that will allow younger generations to grow and thrive. 

Read Working for Our Future

Affiliate Young Worker Programs

We’re not the only ones with young worker groups! Some of our affiliated unions also have groups specific to engaging their young union members. Check out the list below to learn more about their programs and how to get involved.