Senate Republican leaders are rushing to approve a new version of legislation that could strip health care from an estimated 32 million Americans, make health care coverage less affordable and make major cuts to programs that protect our society's most vulnerable members.

This legislation is dangerous. It penalizes working people with higher insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. It gives those who are pulling the strings—the wealthiest Americans and self-interested corporations—huge tax breaks. It strips coverage from millions of working people and punishes millions more by taxing their workplace health plans. And it cuts important funding to Medicaid, which will leave children, seniors and people with disabilities without sufficient coverage.

In short, millions of lives are at stake.

Here's how this extreme legislation could affect the residents of these states, and the senators who can prevent this disastrous bill from passing:

A Alaska

D Arizona

U Maine

i Ohio

w West Virginia

Don't Take Away Our Health Care

Some extremist Republican leaders are working to gather support for yet another disastrous health care bill that could be even worse than the one working people defeated this summer. Tell your senators to oppose any bill that guts your health care and that of millions of Americans.

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