Must See: Michael Moore’s New Film

With the 2016 election season underway, the timing could not be better to go see an exciting new film from progressive champion Michael Moore. It’s called “Where to Invade Next,” and it takes on some of the most pressing issues facing America today. Moore, in his usual funny, creative and thought-provoking way, makes a strong case for the AFL-CIO's Raising Wages agenda as a way to restore the American Dream.

In “Where to Invade Next,” Moore is not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead, he “invades” countries that have what America really needs. He descends on Italy, where factory workers enjoy two-hour lunches and eight weeks of vacation. He goes to Slovenia, where students receive free college tuition. In fact, he travels to three continents, trying to bring back and emulate better health care policy, paid leave, gender equality, prison reform and more. And the kicker is that many of these policies actually originated in the United States.

“Where to Invade Next,” widely praised as Moore’s best film yet, is an opportunity for working people to have a serious discussion about the policies to raise wages and standards here at home.

The film is set to premier Feb. 12. You can find cities and theaters at

Hopefully you enjoy the film, spark a conversation and keep up the fight.