Corporate Accountability

Our economy works best when corporations act responsibly toward their employees, their customers, the environment and local communities. Yet, too many corporate CEOs choose management strategies for short-term gains that undermine their companies in the long term.

We advocate for greater corporate accountability, worker-friendly corporate practices and well-regulated capital markets through:

Shareholder Advocacy

We work to restore balance to our economy by changing anti-worker corporate practices through shareholder-driven reforms.

Executive Paywatch

Each year, we publish a report on the devastating effect runaway CEO pay has on working people and our economy.

Capital Stewardship

Our capital stewardship program enables workers to have a voice in the capital markets by leading corporate governance shareholder initiatives and advocating for legislative and regulatory reform.

Proxy Voting Information

We provide proxy voting information to pension fund trustees and investment managers so that they may make informed decisions based on good management and corporate accountability.

Proxy Voting

Our proxy voting guidelines serve pension fund trustees as a guide for voting their funds' shareholder proxies.