Current Job Openings

Civil, Human and Women's Rights

Civil Rights Director

Economic Power and Growth

Contract Campaigns Manager

Information Technology

Technical Support Specialist
Deputy Director

Political and Field Mobilization

Deputy Director, Clean Energy Jobs
National Campaign Coordinator
Political Writer/Researcher
Senior Corporate Analyst
Senior Field Representative, Northeast Region
Senior Field Representative, Southern Region (two positions)

Public Affairs

Senior Digital Strategist

Technology Institute

Communications Manager
Director of Finance and Operations
Strategic Policy Advisor on Artificial Intelligence
Strategic Policy Advisor on Workforce Development

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Additional Opportunities

Become a Union Organizer

Union organizers are on the front lines of activism, building power while engaging in the important social and economic issues facing working families. Organizers are a resource for working people who are interested in forming a union. The Organizing Institute develops and promotes the craft of organizing. We recruit and train new organizers; collaborate in solidarity with community allies; and share innovations and strategic campaigns for social justice.

Become a Strategic Researcher

Strategic corporate researchers work for labor unions, environmental justice groups and community-based organizations. Strategic researchers provide insights on corporate ownership, finances, organizational structure and connections and help progressive organizations understand the sources of corporate power.

Strategic Corporate Research Summer School, June 19–24, 2022

The AFL-CIO and Cornell University are sponsoring a Strategic Corporate Research Summer School on June 19–24, 2022. The application deadline is May 2. The course is designed for students and others who want to make corporations accountable by working as researchers in unions and social change organizations. The course offers a regular track and an advanced track with an additional research and writing requirement. It is open to individuals applying on their own and to individuals sponsored by unions and other organizations. Scholarships are available to non-sponsored individuals who qualify. Inquire if interested in obtaining course credit. For more info, email [email protected], call 607-288-3940, or go to the course website.