Gender Equality

Women are breadwinners. In fact 40% of working women in the United States are the sole breadwinner for their families, so the pay gap not only affects women but their families as well.

Employers need to recognize the time all working families need to care for their loved ones. We need laws that acknowledge the challenges that working families face.

Working people in unions are dedicated to fair schedules, fair wages, access to affordable health care and child care, and paid leave for all working families and women who are disproportionately affected.


The extra months a black woman has to work to earn what a white man in the same job makes in one year.
Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights." —Hillary Clinton
Did You Know
The wage gap costs the average full-time U.S. woman worker between $700,000 and $2 million over the course of her work life.
The number, in cents, a Hawaiian/Pacific Islander woman is paid for every dollar a white man is paid.

What We’re Doing