St. Louis Plumbers Go Above and Beyond to Save Kitten

Integrated Facility Services

On Monday, union plumbers, members of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA) Local 562, responded to a service request at a hospital with a plumbing problem. But this call was a little different, a 6-week-old kitten had fallen into the drain and gotten stuck. Alan Glosemeyer and Chad Beckmann responded by tirelessly working to save the kitten.

Health Care

23 Million People Lose Health Insurance Under the House Republican Plan

Three weeks after members of Congress voted 217-213 to pass the so-called American Health Care Act, they—and we—finally know how much damage it will do, and it is not pretty. Congress’ own experts in the Congressional Budget Office said that the Republican health plan will cut 23 million people off of health insurance within a decade, while cutting taxes by $992 billion, overwhelming for the wealthy few and corporations. Remember, this is the plan then-presidential candidate Donald Trump promised would provide “insurance for everybody.”