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Bluegrass State Union Members Accept Teacher’s Invitation to Teach Labor History at Her High School

Berry Craig & John Coomes
Berry Craig

A bumper sticker was John Coomes’ “teacher’s certificate” at Henderson County High School in Henderson, Ky., his hometown.

“It said, ‘China is a right-to-work state since 1949,’” explained the Henderson-based Tri-County Labor Council president, who just finished a second daylong labor history presentation at HCHS, one of the largest schools in western Kentucky.

Coomes’ cup runneth over.

Corporate Greed

We Need Tax Reform That Works for Working People

Tax Day
Getty Images

Tomorrow, Americans will fulfill our civic duty of paying taxes to a system that is far from perfect or fair. As Congress reportedly is working on a plan to reform it, the AFL-CIO has a simple framework for what a serious proposal should include and what should not be included. These are the standards we will judge it by:

Criminal Justice Reform

Joe Arpaio's Infamous Arizona Tent City Closing

Joe Arpaio
Gage Skidmore

By the time former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his re-election bid in 2016, he was widely thought of as one of the worst sheriffs in the country, if not the worst. He was known for harsh anti-immigrant policies, accusations of racial profiling, misuse of funds and any number of other complaints—and the perfect symbol of everything wrong with his way of approaching law enforcement was Tent City.