A strong manufacturing sector is essential to our nation’s economic success and to our ability to raise wages and provide family-supporting jobs. But decades of devastating trade policy and attacks on unions have taken their toll. The loss of factories doesn’t only devastate local communities, but drains the engineering and research jobs that power innovation. The United States must invest in critical manufacturing sectors and technologies and invest in people to meet the needs of the economy.

We will continue to fight for a revitalized manufacturing sector through polices that are good for working people, our communities and our economy.


Did You Know
America’s manufacturing employment has declined dramatically in recent decades, falling from a peak of more than 19 million in 1978 to just over 12 million today.
The number of manufacturing jobs displaced since 2001.
The U.S. risks losing its global manufacturing leadership and millions more factory jobs because of these lopsided trade imbalances.” —Scott Paul
Did You Know
The AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council brings together manufacturing unions to develop strategies and promote policies to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing industries.