'Transparent' Musicians Call for Equal Treatment and a Voice on the Job

Working people in Los Angeles are calling for Picrow, the production company behind the Amazon show "Transparent," to treat musicians fairly. Members of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 47 leafleted outside the show's Pearblossom, California, desert location shoot, asking, "Where's the pride for musicians." The musicians want Picrow to treat them the same as it treats the other working people on the show. The actors, writers, directors and crew receive union wages, benefits and protections, but musicians are not covered by a labor contract.

"It is unfortunate that a show that portrays the transgender community in such a welcoming and positive light would simultaneously treat a portion of its professional staff so unfairly," said Jerame Davis, Pride At Work's executive director.

Learn more and get involved at AFM Local 47.