Four Quotes You Need to Read from Liz Shuler's Speech in Wisconsin on Working Women

Today, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler addressed the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Convention about what's at stake for working women this election.

Working women in particular are driving the progressive agenda forward and are coming up with solutions to the problems that have been holding working families back. Here are some highlights of Shuler's speech:

We have the power to speak out for good wages, great benefits, fair scheduling and equal pay for equal work. We can win paid sick leave, paid family leave and quality child care. And yes, we can finally put a woman in the White House.”

“But even as we celebrate the advancement of women in work, the harsh reality is too many of us struggle when we shouldn’t have to. Just getting by often takes an act of heroism. There is a catchy phrase going around, asking women to “lean in.” But most of us are already leaning in so hard we are practically falling over.”

“I was there when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination. It was a special moment. As Hillary took the stage, I thought of my mother and the other women at Portland General Electric who wanted nothing more than a voice on the job.”

“Donald Trump has called prominent women dogs and pigs. He said there would be equal pay when women start doing a better job. He remarked that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.”