What Working People Want from a Supreme Court Nominee

It is expected that Donald Trump will announce his nomination for the Supreme Court seat previously occupied by Antonin Scalia. As always, working families take a keen interest in judicial appointments, as the courts have a significant impact on so many aspects of our lives, including our work lives. The Supreme Court rules on whether we are paid properly for the time we work; we have jobs to return to after caring for a sick family member; we are safe from harmful substances on-the-job; and we are protected from illegal firings when we choose to form unions.

Any person considered for Supreme Court Justice should have a record that reflects that he or she has upheld the constitutional values of liberty, equality, and justice for all. We also want Supreme Court Justices who are diverse in race, gender, national origin and age, and also diverse in professional background, including those who have at some point in their legal careers worked with average individuals, not just the privileged or business interests. So we would like to see a Supreme Court Justice with a history of representing unions and workers, or having served as a public defender, legal services lawyer or a consumer rights or women’s rights advocate. We need someone who can understand the issues of everyday Americans, not just the concerns of the wealthy and powerful.