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Know Your Rights When Interacting with Immigration Agents

Immigration Rights


The 2016 election featured a heavy focus, in races at all levels of government, on immigration. President Donald Trump's post-election actions have signaled that this will continue. Here are some key things that working people need to know about our rights that will make sure that we have the resources to defend ourselves and our immigrant members and their families and communities in the event of workplace or community raids.

1. Do not answer questions. Tell the agent: "I plead the Fifth and choose to remain silent."

2. Do not sign anything. You are not required to sign anything without consulting an attorney first.

3. You are not required to show ID or immigration documents. If you have a valid green card or work permit, carry that with you, but tell the agent: "I wish to speak to an attorney."

4. Do not open the door without seeing a signed warrant. Law enforcement does not have the right to enter your home without a proper warrant, signed by a judge, with your correct name and address.

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