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In Washington, D.C., Another Contractor Stiffed by Trump

Freestate Electrical is suing Donald Trump's organization for failing to pay $2 million for work done on the luxury hotel in the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C. Freestate, an Electrical Workers (IBEW) signatory contractor, did award-winning work on the building when Trump was running for president. Four other contractors have sued over the project, claiming nearly $5 million in unpaid bills.

Tim Miller, executive vice president at Freestate’s parent company, AES Electrical, explained the situation:

I want to make clear that this is not political. Whether it is Trump, or somebody you never heard of, we did a good job, at an agreed upon price and we want to be paid for it. We’d rather be talking about what an excellent job our employees did on a complex project than doing this.

The hundreds of IBEW members who worked on the project have been paid for the work Freestate was contracted to do. "We wish this hadn’t happened, we wish it had been dealt with sooner and now we just want to get back to what we do best: delivering the jobs on time, on budget and as agreed," said Miller.

An IBEW investigative piece published last year documented the Trump Organization’s reputation for not paying its bills in full.

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