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Telemundo Performers Vote to Join SAG-AFTRA

In a historic vote, telenovela performers at Spanish-language station Telemundo have voted to join SAG-AFTRA. The vote was 91–21 in favor of membership, and this is the first time in 65 years a group of performers at a major television network sought a unionization election. The new bargaining unit will cover actors, dancers, singers and stunt performers for shows produced in the United States. SAG-AFTRA will meet with the performers to discuss issues related to fair pay, residuals, benefits and on-set safety measures.

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris congratulated the performers:

This vote sends a powerful message of hope and solidarity at a critical moment in the history of our union and of the creative community. Regardless of the language we speak, we can all unite to improve conditions for performers working professionally in our industry. Telemundo performers have laid a foundation that will improve lives for generations to come.

"Unity of mind and spirit makes us all stronger. Move with clarity of purpose and stay strong. Sí, se puede," said actor Edward James Olmos.

"Very proud of all those who took a step forward toward equality and the fundamental right of being represented by SAG-AFTRA. In unity y siempre p’alante mi gente!" added actor Luis Guzmán.



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