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Working Families All Over the U.S. Mobilize Against the Senate Republican Health Care Bill

Working people gather in Las Vegas to urge Sen. Dean Heller to vote against the health care bill.

While the Senate Republican leaders announced they were going to postpone their vote on their version of a health care bill that actually takes away care from 22 million people, working people from across the country took to the streets to express their opposition to this cruel piece of legislation.

We still need to hold strong and beat back this bill. Call your senators today: 888-865-8089. 

Check out some tweets and clips that show just a snapshot of this activity, which is expected to go into the congressional recess, where lawmakers on Capitol Hill will need to answer to their constituents:

In Bangor, Maine, working people and labor unions gathered to discuss the impacts the law would have on Mainers, including 117,900 people losing coverage, and urged Sen. Susan Collins to oppose the bill. 

In Toledo, Ohio, more than 100 people gathered to raise opposition to the Senate bill. 

From the Toledo Blade:

Organizers of the demonstration included the AFL-CIO, Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio, and the Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans.

Originally, the protest’s goal was to persuade Mr. Portman to oppose the bill, said George Tucker, executive secretary of the Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO.

But the event turned more festive in light of the afternoon’s developments in Washington.

“This should be a celebration because just a few hours ago Mitch McConnell pulled that bill for after the Fourth of July,” said Dennis Slotnick, chair of Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio. “He didn’t want to spoil people’s holiday.”

In Nevada, working families and people and their unions gathered on a pedestrian bridge on the Las Vegas strip and called on Sen. Dean Heller to oppose the health care bill, which is nothing more than a massive transfer of wealth to the richest 1%. 

From the U.S. News and World Report:

Nevada State AFL-CIO executive secretary-treasurer Rusty McAllister in a statement says the Senate bill gives wealthy individuals "a tax break at the expense of access to affordable, quality care for Nevada working families."

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