Union Veterans Council Leader Attig to Help Gov.-Elect Pritzker Serve Illinois Veterans

J.B. Pritzker & Will Attig
Union Veterans Council

Union Veterans Council Executive Director Will Attig will serve on Illinois Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker's transition team, the Serving Illinois' Heroes Committee. Attig will help make sure that Pritzker and his administration are ready to serve veterans right out of the gate.

Attig said:

What this committee is is really a working group, a very diverse group of veterans, veteran lawmakers and individuals from the community that are going to be setting out a set of agenda items that the new administration will be looking at to support veterans in Illinois.

I think that this committee is a great way to improve the lives of the veterans that live in Illinois, not just the younger generation of veterans, but our veterans that are retiring, the Vietnam veterans that are entering retirement age right now that we still need to make sure that we take care of.

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