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The TWU Celebrates Its 20th Organizing Victory!

Envoy Air Organizers

The TWU organizing machine is in full swing.

Under this new leadership, the Transport Workers union has just won our 20th new worker organizing drive. We continue to grow and thrive across the entire transport sector. Since 2017, our membership has increased from 137,000 to 151,000.

The TWU is by far the fastest growing union in the country. Our most recent victory came on June 6, when Envoy Air pilot simulator instructors voted unanimously to join our union.

We’ve secured organizing wins with the following work groups:

  • JetBlue Airway inflight crew members
  • Spirit Airlines customer service agents
  • PSA Airlines dispatcher coordinators
  • Kalitta Air cargo dispatchers
  • Envoy Air pilot ground simulator instructors
  • San Francisco bike share workers
  • Washington, D.C., Big Bus workers
  • New York City Big Bus workers
  • Miami Big Bus workers
  • Las Vegas Big Bus workers
  • Chicago Big Bus workers
  • Los Angeles Big Bus workers
  • San Francisco Big Bus workers
  • Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe, Arizona, bike share workers
  • Cleveland bike share workers
  • SP Plus Corp. transportation ferry bus drivers
  • SP Plus transportation shuttle bus drivers
  • Bronx, N.Y., Quality Bus Service drivers
  • New York City Mount Sinai Hospital Shuttle Drivers
  • New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus White Collar Unit
  • New York City MTA staff analysts

Thank you to our organizing teams! Thank you to the workers who stepped up to fight back against the bosses and take action to improve the economic security of your families.

It is the goal of our leadership to demonstrate every day that we are America’s Fighting Democratic Union!

John Samuelsen is international president of TWU, which originally published this post.

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