Why Domestic Workers Like Nicanora Montenegro Should Be Considered Essential Workers

Nicanora Montenegro is a Filipina American in-home support services (IHSS) provider in San Diego and the district chair of United Domestic Workers of America (UDW)-AFSCME Local 3930. As an IHSS provider, she takes care of the most vulnerable folks in our community who are also the most at risk of COVID-19. 

This pandemic has illustrated just how essential the often invisible and undervalued work that caregivers, like Montenegro, provide. Without them, front-line workers who are parents or have other family responsibilities wouldn’t be able to go to work, and older adults, people with disabilities and people with chronic illnesses would not be able to shelter in place. 

Montenegro and her union have been fighting for the rights and respect that home care workers deserve like better wages, access to health care, paid sick days and more. It's well past time that we all recognize domestic workers as essential workers.

Join our calls to Congress to ensure ALL essential workers have the protections they need, the rights they are entitled to and the compensation they deserve in the next COVID-19 package. 

Join us to protect essential workers.