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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: An EVS Technician’s COVID-19 Story

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Let’s uplift Asian American and Pacific Islander workers this month⁠—those who are on the front lines of  COVID-19 and those who are on the front lines of our families and communities.

Angel Sherburne is an environmental services (EVS) technician in Seattle: Her work keeps patients safe by disinfecting hospital rooms, including COVID-19 patients. Sherburne is critical to stopping the spread of infection, but workers like her are not being allocated enough personal protective equipment.

It is terrifying for health care workers when they do not have access to personal protective equipment and safe working environments. Without protection for workers, both patients and workers suffer. Sherburne is fighting for the rights and protections of workers like her. Join us to support the Essential Workers Bill of Rights, which includes guaranteeing safety protections for all workers on the job; universal health care access; compensation and job protections workers deserve for their heightened risks; and more.

We can't let Sherburne and millions of workers like her down. Join us in the fight and learn how to protect Asian American and Pacific Islander working people.


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