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National Hispanic Heritage Month Profiles: Maria Starr Van Core

Maria Starr Van Core

Throughout National Hispanic Heritage Month, the AFL-CIO will be profiling labor leaders and activists to spotlight the diverse contributions Hispanics and Latinos have made to our movement. Today's profile features Maria Starr Van Core.

Mention the name of Maria Starr Van Core in any public circle and people will automatically relate it to activism, organization, union, voter registration and all around unity. And it comes with no surprise because she has earned recognition for her exemplary civic and community service in Michigan. A proud UAW Local 652 member, she retired from General Motors with 30 years of service. She is a member of her local's Civil and Human Rights and Women’s committees. She transcended her experience in these committees and her position as the present president of the Greater Lansing Area chapter of LCLAA. She practices the union’s mission to improve and promote the quality of life for all working people.

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