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Pride Month Profiles: Ginger Hemingway

Ginger Hemingway

For Pride Month, the AFL-CIO is spotlighting various LGBTQ+ Americans who have worked and continue to work at the intersection of civil and labor rights. Today's Pride Month profile is Ginger Hemingway.

Ginger Hemingway has been a worker and LGBTQ+ advocate for decades. She has countered hatred and bigotry throughout her life and continues to give her time as a retiree to AFGE to advance AFGE Pride and local chapters. She has been a member of AFGE Local 2433 for more than 35 years. She has been married to her wife, Linda Savard, since 2014.

Hemingway said:

My Union Membership has provided me a platform to speak out for all my LGBTQIA siblings. It taught me I was not alone. In the early years Pride At Work was a voice for those who were afraid to speak out. When I came out at work, I was able to be a safe place for others. My Union membership gave me courage. Courage to step out because I knew I was not alone. I was part of a family that cared and had my back.

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