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Take Action: Support Medieval Times Performers

Support Medieval Times Performers

Members of Medieval Times Performers United in New Jersey won their election in July. But management is fighting them at every turn and engaging in union-busting activity. Send a letter to management telling them to bargain in good faith!

The actors, knights, squires, show cast and stable hands at the Medieval Times castle in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, won their union election to join the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). 

They formed their union to create a fairer, safer and more enjoyable workplace.

Now they’re at the bargaining table to negotiate a fair and just first contract. But management is fighting them at every turn—refusing to even discuss the union’s proposal regarding staffing minimums needed to ensure the health and safety of Medieval Times performers.

Medieval Times needs to stop union-busting and engage in good faith bargaining. Will you support Medieval Times Performers United NJ by sending a letter to management?

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