Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Profiles: Leimomi Martin

Leimomi Martin

For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this year, the AFL-CIO is spotlighting various Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who have worked and continue to work at the intersection of civil and labor rights in the United States. Today's profile is Leimomi Martin of AFSCME.

Leimomi Martin works as an office assistant for the state of Alaska's Department of Health and Social Services. First hired by the state in 1997, she has served as a Juneau chapter steward and later as the chapter's chief steward for several years. Martin comes from generations of union members and organizers, including her Japanese grandfather who was a cook and camp representative at an internment camp during World War II. Her mother was a union steward at commercial fisheries in southeastern Alaska. Her native heritage includes Tlingit roots.