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Service & Solidarity Spotlight: Michigan Repeals Right to Work

Working people in Michigan celebrate right-to-work repeal

Working people across the United States have stepped up to help out our friends, neighbors and communities during these trying times. In our regular Service + Solidarity Spotlight series, we'll showcase one of these stories every day. Here’s today’s story.

On Friday, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed historic legislation to restore workers’ rights and increase wages. The bills include requirements for state contractors to pay union-level wages, strengthening the state’s anti-discrimination law by adding LGBTQ+ protections, and a repeal of “right to work.”

“After decades of anti-worker attacks, Michigan has restored the balance of power for working people by passing laws to protect their freedom to bargain for the good wages, good benefits, and safe workplaces they deserve,” said Michigan State AFL-CIO President Ron Bieber (UAW). “Ten years ago, Governor Whitmer was standing side by side with well over ten thousand working people who showed up in Lansing to protest the devastating attack on their rights. Today, she has demonstrated yet again her unwavering commitment to putting working families first. After decades of attacks on working people, it’s a new day in Michigan, and the future is bright.”

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