Take Action: Don’t Default on Working People

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has introduced legislation that forces deep cuts to health care, retirement and many other kitchen-table priorities for working people. It is an economic crisis in the making, and it is completely unnecessary.

Working families shouldn’t be asked to pay the price before the rich are asked to pay their fair share. If you agree, please send an email to your representative.

Defaulting would throw the day-to-day lives of our veterans into limbo, as the Department of Veterans Affairs could potentially grind to a halt. This would mean seniors would worry about whether their Social Security check would show up in the mail: money they need to live and that they’ve earned by making Social Security contributions their entire adult lives.

Not only that, it also would preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans at workers’ expense. There is a real debate to be had about our deficit, but playing a dangerous game with the lives of working people is not the way forward.

If you agree that we should choose veterans, retirees and families over corporations, email your representative now. Ask them to vote to raise the debt ceiling without preconditions and to reject McCarthy’s devastating spending cuts.

Thank you for standing up for working families.