AFL-CIO Campaign Apprenticeship Program

Organizing Institute Training Attendees in Minnesota

The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (OI) is not accepting applications to the OI Apprenticeship Program at this time. Feel free to check our website for updates. In the meantime, visit for exciting careers in the union movement.

You can also post your resume on the AFL-CIO Organizer/Researcher Resume Posting System.

The AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (OI) runs a highly selective, intensive training program for talented individuals who are committed to social justice and want to be union organizers. Trainees who successfully complete the paid, 12-week apprenticeship program will be recommended to unions looking to expand their organizing programs. Starting salaries for union organizers are competitive and have excellent benefits.

What Union Organizers Do

Union organizers help working people establish a union in their workplaces. When working people have a voice on the job, they can secure better wages and benefits, safer working conditions, access to affordable health care and a better work-life balance. Organizers help working people build these democratic organizations that make a huge difference not only in the workplace, but in their communities, families and lives.

About the Program

The OI provides an intensive classroom and field training program, followed by a fellowship for candidates interested in becoming a union organizer. The program begins with an intensive, three-day classroom and field training program where candidates learn and practice basic union organizing skills. (Housing and meals are provided.)

Selected applicants then participate in a 12-week, paid Campaign Apprenticeship Program, where they learn union-building skills and gain firsthand experience on an organizing campaign with the AFL-CIO and/or an affiliated union.

Upon successful completion of the Campaign Apprenticeship Program, candidates will be placed in a paid, 9-month organizing fellowship with the AFL-CIO.

Apprentices and fellows receive ongoing training and mentoring throughout the program, and benefits are provided.

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for applicants who:

  • Are ready to jump immediately into a career as a union organizer;
  • Are energetic and committed to helping working people win respect at work;
  • Adapt and learn from new and challenging experiences;
  • Have solid communication and leadership skills;
  • Must be able to travel extensively and/or relocate;
  • Have a valid driver’s license.

Applicants with union, student or community organizing experience are preferred. People of color, women and bilingual individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.