Legislative Alert

Letter Opposing Bill That Would Undermine the HEROES Act

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the AFL-CIO, I am writing to urge you not to sign a discharge petition to bring to the floor of the House a bill to extend the Paycheck Protection Program while ignoring all of the other key elements of the HEROES Act.

While we recognize that small businesses are suffering and need assistance, the same is also true of millions of front line workers, unemployed workers, and families facing health crises and eviction.

Separating out a measure to extend the PPP without providing relief to millions of working families would make it extremely unlikely that the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans would take any additional action related to the pandemic before recessing for the election.

We urge you to stay united in support of the HEROES Act and not fall victim to the cynical Republican strategy of dividing Democrats to prevent the enactment of additional Covid19 relief.

Sincerely, William Samuel

Director, Government Affairs