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Letter Opposing Ryan Bound's Nomination to U.S. Court of Appeals

Dear Senator:

The AFL-CIO urges you to oppose the nomination of Ryan Bounds to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit when the Senate Judiciary Committee considers his nomination. We have both procedural and substantive bases for our opposition to this nominee.

Senators Wyden and Merkley oppose this nomination. They informed the White House that they would only support nominees recommended by Oregon’s independent bipartisan selection committee, and they objected when the White House nominated Mr. Bounds before the Oregon commission had even begun its process. Although Mr. Bounds has since emerged as one of four names from the commission process, they continue to object to his nomination because he failed to fully disclose his past inflammatory writings to the Oregon judicial selection committee— until after they had completed their work. In light of opposition from both home-state senators, the Senate Judiciary Committee should not grant Mr. Bounds a hearing or vote.

Mr. Bounds’ record also gives us tremendous pause. Senators Wyden and Merkley have characterized the writings he failed to disclose to the judicial commission as “revealing his archaic and alarming views about sexual assault, the rights of workers, people of color, and the LGBTQ community.”

Our courts need judges who are forthright, treat all Americans fairly, and have respect for the rule of law. Mr. Bounds does not meet this test, and we urge you to oppose his nomination to the Ninth Circuit.

William Samuel, Director
Government Affairs Department