Legislative Alert

Letter Supporting 2022 Budget Resolution

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the AFL-CIO, I am writing to express our strong support for the Fiscal Year 2022 —Budget Resolution (S. Con. Res. 14) scheduled for floor consideration this week. The $3.5 trillion budget resolution provides select committees with reconciliation instructions intended to advance President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

This budget makes the largest investment in America's working families since the New Deal. Building on the American Rescue plan and the Invest in America Act, the resolution makes critical investments in families, education, paid leave, clean energy jobs, and housing. It also strengthens enforcement of our labor laws, provides a long overdue path to citizenship, and expands Medicare and access to affordable health care.

S. Con. Res. 14 invests in our middle class, and those struggling to get into the middle class by making the rich and large corporations pay their fair share in taxes. This budget will help reverse decades of under investment in our communities, will grow our economy and create good union jobs.

We urge you to support S. Con. Res. 14 and to reject all amendments offered during the “vote-a-rama” that would weaken protection for workers and immigrants, expand worker misclassification, diminish collective bargaining rights, or otherwise undermine these historic investments.

William Samuel
Director, Government Affairs