Legislative Alert

Letter Supporting Legislation that Will Extend Collective Bargaining Rights to Workers at the House of Representatives

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the 12.5 million members and 57 affiliates of the AFL-CIO, I write today to convey the AFL-CIO’s full support for H. Res. 915 to approve the regulations required to implement collective bargaining protections for employees of the House of Representatives. Workers everywhere must be free to join together to advocate for improvements on the job and to form a union if they so choose - congressional staff included. Thus, I urge the House to swiftly pass this resolution.

Extending collective bargaining protections to congressional staff is long overdue. The unique nature of these workers’ employment environment is no reason to deprive them of the basic rights that the vast majority of workers enjoy. To the contrary, Congressional workers’ underpayment, long hours, unpredictable schedules, and safety considerations, among other issues, highlight the need for a strong staffer voice on the Hill.

The AFL-CIO applauds the work of the courageous staffers who have brought both longstanding and emerging workplace issues to light while advocating for workplace protections. Like their counterparts in the private and public sectors, we hope that you will support these workers in their efforts to bargain collectively to improve their lives and workplaces.

William Samuel
Director, Government Affairs