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Letter Supporting Legislation That Would Protect Artistic Creators

Dear Representative:

On behalf of AFL-CIO, I am writing to urge you to cosponsor and support the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2019. l-l.R.2426. when it comes to the House floor for a vote. This bipartisan legislation addresses the critical need for a small-claims copyright case system by providing individual artistic creators an affordable dispute resolution mechanism to protect their work.

Hundreds of thousands of union members work in the creative industries, and their ability to earn a living is threatened by the theft and unauthorized use of their creative works. The CASE Act will provide added protections for their work by establishing a voluntary, streamlined process where a government tribunal at the U.S. Copyright Office can adjudicate claims made by copyright owners.

Currently, creators must bring a claim in federal court, which can be an expensive, onerous process. In today’s digital era, when the theft and unauthorized use of copyrighted works is immediate, creators can suffer repeated violations of their works without any remedies.

For the members of our unions who depend on copyright protections for family supporting pay and benefits, effective enforcement is crucial. The CASE Act would provide important improvements to our copyright law, ensuring that all creators have the opportunity to protect their work from theft. On behalf of the AFL-CIO. I urge you to support this legislation.

William Samuel, Director
Government Affairs