Legislative Alert | Immigration

Letter Supporting NO BAN Act

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the AFL-CIO, I urge you to vote in support of the NO BAN Act (H.R. 2214) and oppose any harmful amendments or motions to recommit.

Union members and our families come from every country in the world, and our labor movement has trade union partners around the globe. These connections are a source of strength and vitality for our country, our workforce and our movement. Each new travel ban and hostile enforcement action imposed by this administration undermines our values, our competitiveness and our standing in the world.

Discrimination has no place in our society, or our immigration system. This critical legislation would repeal the administration’s efforts to ban Muslims, Africans, refugees and asylum seekers, and make necessary reforms to restore checks and balances and prevent future discriminatory bans.

Closing our doors to immigrants and refugees based on where they are from is wrong, and will cause far-reaching harm. At a time when we already face a tightening labor market, drastically reducing channels for permanent immigration increases pressure to expand abuse-riddled guestworker programs. Such an approach severely limits rights, puts downward pressure on labor standards, and harms working families both at home and abroad. 

America’s unions will never stand by while people are denied admittance to our country based on how much money they earn, the color of their skin or the faith they practice. We will continue fighting to restore our asylum and refugee programs and to keep our doors open to all working people, regardless of where they were born.

The AFL-CIO stands ready to work with you to create an immigration system that will help promote good jobs and build a stronger economic future for our nation. The No Ban Act will reduce the harm that has been done in recent years and move us forward in a more positive direction. We urge you to support HR 2214 without amendment.

William Samuel
Director, Government Affairs