Legislative Alert

Letter Supporting Nomination of Katherine Tai as U.S. Trade Representative

Dear Senator:

On behalf of the AFL-CIO, I urge you to vote in support of Katherine Tai’s nomination to be United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Ms. Tai’s nomination signals a stark departure from the failed trade practices of the past. Throughout her distinguished career, Ms. Tai has worked for stronger and better enforcement of our trade laws and remedies. America’s labor movement was proud to partner with her to craft the North American Free Trade Agreement’s long-overdue replacement, the United StatesMexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which has expanded enforceable labor rights and new enforcement mechanisms at its core. Ms. Tai’s efforts during those negotiations were tireless, and she proved her leadership beyond all doubt in deftly navigating the complex Congressional negotiations.

The labor movement and other worker advocates have long been denied a seat at the negotiating table, meaning corporate interests have had exclusive authorship of America’s trade agenda. But President Biden is living up to his word to forge a bold new direction on trade for the American worker, and with Ms. Tai as the USTR, we will be well positioned to advance a fair trade agenda that makes the world safer and strengthens workers’ well-being. 

The nomination of a proven champion of working Americans as USTR is a victory for middle class families and communities. Under Ms. Tai’s leadership, USTR will be poised to develop a forward-looking, pro-worker trade agenda, which includes even stronger enforcement and labor protections for American workers and their counterparts across borders.

We have no doubt that Ms. Tai is more than capable of leading a multifaceted agency like USTR. She is eminently qualified to serve as USTR, and we hope that you will support her nomination.

William Samuel
Director, Government Affairs